CBC Fortnightly Program

A social space where individuals with a diagnosed progressive life limiting illness, regardless of disease type or age, together with their family carer, have free access to complementary therapies, Art and Art Therapy within a socially inclusive and supportive environment. Evaluated by Dr’s Vivekananda and Purvis, findings are being presented at the 6th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference, Blue Mountains, NSW.

Community Coffin Club

Open every Thursday from 10am onwards, individuals and or family and friends, are assisted to make a coffin for themselves or a loved one. You only need to provide the materials, pay $2.00 entry to the community shed each time you are there with no other charges. We also have an Arts and Death Literacy space and you can follow us on Facebook.


Gifted to Care Beyond Cure Inc, Jumave provides pre and post death care education including DIY with access to a cooling bed, community development, advocacy and referral. Click here for social media.

Tender Funerals Tasmania

Care Beyond Cure Inc are working with Tender Funerals NSW to establish a not-for-profit family lead and community driven funeral home here in Tasmania. You can help support the cause by purchasing a calendar from the shop here or joining us as a volunteer. Our Facebook page will also keep you up to date.
Go to www.tenderfunerals.org to find out more.

Weavers Carer Dementia Peer Support Pilot

A joint initiative of Care Beyond Cure Inc, Weavers SA , Motton Forget Me Knots and the Tasmanian Health Service.

Community Care End of Life Volunteer Doula Pilot

This is an evolving service from an identified need for those who may wish a loved one to remain at home following death but their network of supports are limited.