2020 Death Literacy Calendar

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SALE now on with a LIMIT of two per order!

Our kick starter fundraiser is in its final months.

In 2018, we were inspired by a local organic compassionate group called the ‘Motton Forget Me Nots’ and this calendar is the result.

By purchasing this calendar, you are assisting with the establishment of Tender Funerals Tasmania – a not-for-profit community driven, family led funeral home, offering real choice.

Thank you for supporting your community.

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2 reviews for 2020 Death Literacy Calendar

  1. Kerrie Noonan

    “I love a good calendar and this one is full of beautiful stories and images that truly bring to life the concept of death literacy. It’s also extremely informative, full of facts and wise words about how to do dying, death and grief well. Nice work Coffin Club and all the Tassie peeps and organisations that helped put this beauty together. I love it and I’m not waiting until 2020 to use mine!”

  2. Zoe Willis

    I love this calendar. The beautiful stories that accompany each photo, let you in to a world of others, rarely spoken of. The information in the calendar is fantastic. So much we aren’t told, when we have to deal with a death & the necessary arrangements that follow. This calendar tells of the many options that are available, that just aren’t given when you go to a standard funeral parlor. For this information alone, this calendar is worth the $25 & more if you equate the time & knowledge that it contains. I get that many people find this subject rather morbib, but the way it has been presented, only shines a light on what was once a taboo topic of conversation. Well done, to a much needed eye opening subject. Can’t wait to see what you do next. 🙏

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